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Switch to win7 64bits

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偶然下了一个一点多G的镜像来玩,才发现是64位的,似乎vmplayer是不能跑,于是冲动之下就将win 7 32bits换成64bits的了。

用win 7 自带的刻录工具,买了一个DVD光盘,刻了一个win 7-sp1-x64, 顺便用移动硬盘载了个带网卡驱动的驱动精灵,然后开干。重启后安装系统,然后用驱动精灵安装xx驱动,剩下就是补软件了。






editplus && vim



用的很爽的一个ssh终端工具, 不过没配置真是太丑了,还得重新配置一下。



I've got syntax highlighting on with VIM currently, but noticed that I'm not able to see colors within SecureCRT as I am with other shell clients. Is this by design? I tried searching a bit, but wasn't able to find anything specific as three-letter searches are disabled in the forums. I probably could've searched for 'syntax highlighting' but I just thought of that now. If this is by design, would it be possible to have this changed in future releases? I'm a tech. support rep. that uses SecureCRT all day, every day, for work. I do a lot of text-editing, especially different types of code and HTML and would love to see this feature added in the future.


It is the terminal emulator that provides color support, and the correct terminal type must be specified in the Unix/Linux environment (TERM environment variable) to allow color-aware apps (vim, ls, etc.) to provide color. The terminal type must support color (eg. xterm does, vt100 standard does not).Check your TERM environment variable, and ensure ANSI colors are enabled in SecureCRT.


Backspace 不能用

Option - Session - Terminal - Mapped Keys - choose "backspace sends delete"



 Option - Session - Apperarance - current color scheme -- choose traditional



本来想用lucida console的,不过配置一乱码,最后使用Sim-Sun-ExtB勉强一下。编码选择 Option - Session - Apperarance - Character -- choose UTF-8


按Ctrl + S 假死

CTRL-S and CTRL-Q are called flow-control characters. They represent an antiquated way of stopping and restarting the flow of output from one device to another (e.g., from the computer to your terminal) that was useful when the speed of such output was low. They are rather obsolete in these days of high-speed networks. In fact, under the latter conditions, CTRL-S and CTRL-Q are basically a nuisance. The only thing you really need to know about them is that if your screen output becomes “stuck,” then you may have hit CTRL-S by accident. Type CTRL-Q to restart the output; any keys you may have hit in between will then take effect.


配置button bar


lazycat 说:
2012年2月13日 15:21

S-CRT 为什么我新建button那个是灰色的..

code6 说:
2012年2月13日 15:39

@lazycat: 我这边新建的button是绿色的,不过不知道在哪里delete。。。

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